Top Three

Join Dimitri and his rotating panel of guests as they each list their top three of any category your heart desires, from the best movie spinoffs to the most bizarre behaviours only found in fiction. The Idiomanic Top Three is broadcast every Monday. If you would like to suggest a topic for a future episode, please write us here.

Top Three: Awful Lessons in Teen Entertainment

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Celebrating Hollywood's twisted morality and its impact on our children! Guest panelist Dennis P. joins Nick and Dimitri as they each list the top three worst lessons they learnt... [ More ]

Top Three: Awful TV Show Remakes

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Celebrating the television medium's inability to reproduce what it's already done once before! In a thematic crossover with our sister podcast series, Don't F--- with the Original, Nick and Dimitri each... [ More ]

Top Three: Best and Worst of 2011

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Celebrating the new year eight months late! Nicolas and Dimitri list the best and worst moments of 2011 for those who live shallow, shallow lives. We recorded this episode... [ More ]