DE Podcast: Couch Potato Weekend

© Copyright Universal Pictures
© Copyright Universal Pictures

Guest panelist P-O joins Dimitri and Kazim one last time to conclude their discussion of the fall television grid! In this episode, they recommend some of their favourite shows from last year, urge listeners to go out on Saturdays, and debate the Sunday lineup, which includes Desperate Housewives, Cold Cases, and new series The Cleveland Show. Also, they talk about last season’s cancellations and try to conceive a Knight Rider movie. Come back next time as we discuss early horror cinema.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:08     Show and Tell: Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • 04:24     Show and Tell: Harper’s Island
  • 05:53     Show and Tell: Doctor Who
  • 08:11     Repeats
  • 08:39     ABC Schedule
  • 13:12     CBS Schedule
  • 17:12     NBC Schedule
  • 17:27     Fox Schedule
  • 21:02     Who Will Take the Night
  • 21:55     What We’re Going to Watch
  • 25:35     Electric Boogaloo Factory: Knight Rider Unrelated
  • 26:43     Electric Boogaloo Factory: Knight Rider – Kit Wants a Ride
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Author: P-O Laprise
Guest Podcaster A computer engineer, video game enthusiast, and comics buff, P-O occasionally lends his expertise and boisterous voice to our podcast. That is, when he isn't so busy with work and Ultimate Frisbee.