DE Podcast: Mail Bagged

© Copyright Universal Pictures
© Copyright Universal Pictures

A trip into the warped minds of our listeners! In this episode, Chris, Eric, Frank, and Dimitri answer your questions, revealing what happened to Kazim and how they all met, sharing their thoughts on the magazine industry, and debating whether the Bourne sequels are “worth the septic tank”. Come back next time as we discuss upcoming summer movies.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:41     Paul Asks about the Best Sequel Ever Made
  • 02:28     Ryan the Destroyer Asks about the Magazine Industry
  • 08:33     Candice Asks about Movies We Catch on TV
  • 10:32     Mmax Asks about Shaky Cam
  • 15:27     Ali Asks about Kazim
  • 17:34     Donna Asks about Actors We Can’t Stand
  • 21:05     Susan Asks about Movie Clichés
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Author: Chris Duncan
Podcaster / Guest Contributor With a sordid past involving illustrations, libraries, and subtitles, Chris has reinvented himself as a specialist in the liberal insertion of puns. Like anyone working with words, he hides an embarrassing novel in his drawer but not in his drawers.