DE Podcast: Pod Pilot

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© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

The following is the pilot recording for the DE Podcast. It features Dennis and Dimitri arguing about video game adaptations, the definition of art, and a hypothetical sequel to the 1993 Super Mario Bros movie. Come back next time as we discuss Tim Burton’s Batman adaptations.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:26     Show and Tell: Street Fighter IV
  • 02:35     Show and Tell: Lego Star Wars
  • 14:43     Upcoming Video Game Flicks
  • 08:00     The Trouble with Video Game Adaptations
  • 16:49     Video Games as Art
  • 25:09     Electric Boogaloo Factory: Super Mario Bros Part II
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Editor in Chief / Movie Critic: When he started this site, Dimitri never thought he'd be writing blurbs about himself in the third person. In his other life, he works as a writer, translator, and editor for various publications in print and online. His motto is, "Have pen, will travel."

Guest Contributor: From the number of armours Tony Stark's donned to last line in the Dawson's Creek finale, Dennis has an unlimited knowledge of geek entertainment. He's also a computer technician and trained martial artist, not that either tidbit is relevant.