Don’t F with the Original: Sequels

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© Copyright MGM Studios

© Copyright MGM Studios

Celebrating Hollywood’s chronic lack of imagination! In this episode, Nick and Dimitri take a break from their usual reviewing duties to discuss the mechanics and history of the movie sequel. Then they go through every different type of cinematic follow-up, all the while bagging on Russel Crowe’s career choices. Come back next time as we discuss Spider-Man (2002).

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:31     Sequels That Are Better than the Original
  • 04:14     The Hypocrisy Behind Our Love of Sequels
  • 07:01     The First Sequel
  • 10:45     The First Lazily Titled Sequel
  • 12:22     Blockbuster Madness
  • 14:11     The Direct Sequel
  • 17:21     The Standalone Sequel
  • 18:51     The Retrofitted Sequel
  • 21:31     The Spin-Off Sequel
  • 22:56     The Trilogy
  • 28:26     The Serialised Book Adaptation
  • 10:45     The First Part II
  • 10:45     The First Part II
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