Dumb Ways to Die: Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II

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Which slasher victim faced the wrath of a mechanical Sith lord? Find out in this episode of Dumb Ways to Die as Dimitri reviews Bruce Pittman’s Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987), the notional sequel to the 1980 Canadian cult hit Prom Night despite having nothing to do with it.

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  • Get Your Toast Out With a Fork

    Nice sound balancing!
    That being said, I don’t think this is a dumb way to die as in the person was dumb, and died because of it… I’m pretty sure hey had no way of knowing that could happen! It’s more like a silly way to die. I wonder who though it up. “How could this guy die? Hmm… he does use a computer! And we know how to make animated lightning! Done.”

  • http://www.idiomanic.com/ Dimitri A.C. Ly

    Actually, I’d put together this episode before the previous one, so you ought to be listening to the same level of ineptitude in terms of sound balancing… (I have learnt since though! I really have!)

    You know what I just realised? I didn’t make much of a distinction between “dumb way to die” and “dumb way to kill” when I conceived of this series. This episode and the next, for example, definitely fall in the “kill” category. After that, it’ll be mostly “die”… Unless I change my mind. I do that sometimes.

    • Get Your Toast Out With a Fork

      Really? Weird…
      Maybe you should change the song! Or you could have a battle between the dumbest ways to kill and die.