Expository Dialogue: Marvel Versus DC on the Tube

© Copyright DC Comics
© Copyright DC Comics

In light of ABC’s Agents of SHIELD breaking new ground in terms of synergy and the CW’s Arrow setting up a Flash spinoff, Frank, Chris, and Dimitri take a look at Marvel and DC’s respective strategies in regard to adapting their super-hero properties to the small screen. Also, Dimitri defends Bat Affleck against the evils of misinformation. Come back next time for some Halloween-themed news.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:42     Marvel Television Spinoffs
  • 07:44     The Challenge of Adapting Wonder Woman
  • 09:39     Bat-Affleck
  • 14:29     Cannon Versus Story
  • 21:43     Movies Versus Television
  • 25:45     Introducing the Flash
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Various Contributors
Chris Duncan
Podcaster / Guest Contributor
With a sordid past involving illustrations, libraries, and subtitles, Chris has reinvented himself as a specialist in the liberal insertion of puns. Like anyone working with words, he hides an embarrassing novel in his drawer but not in his drawers.
Dimitri A.C. Ly
Editor in Chief / Movie Critic: When he started this site, Dimitri never thought he'd be writing blurbs about himself in the third person. In his other life, he works as a writer, translator, and editor for various publications in print and online. His motto is, "Have pen, will travel."
Frank Pominville
Podcaster / Guest Contributor
Known as the Funky Chicken, Frank has been on the Internet since 1996. When he isn't rambling on our podcast, the cyber-librarian tames electrons for his municipal book repository. He is brought to you by the letter Q and the number three.