Roundtable 1: Catching Up to 2015


The gang is back! Chris, Frank, Eric, and Dimitri return with a new podcast series, in which they discuss the latest in the world of entertainment. In this episode, they debate who played the better Spider-Man and the future of the Scream franchise before engaging in an in-depth discussion of the year so far. Also, Frank and Eric make their recommendations for the week. Come back next time as they discuss the unexpected success of Jurassic World (2015).

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:37     News: Tom Holland Is the New Spider-Man
  • 14:22     News: Bob Weinstein Says No to Scream 5
  • 23:22     Catching Up to 2015
  • 34:47     Frank’s Recommendation: Mad Max Fury Road
  • 36:31     Eric’s Recommendation: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
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Author: Chris Duncan
Podcaster / Guest Contributor With a sordid past involving illustrations, libraries, and subtitles, Chris has reinvented himself as a specialist in the liberal insertion of puns. Like anyone working with words, he hides an embarrassing novel in his drawer but not in his drawers.