Roundtable 47: Batman V Superman Ultimate Confusion


Following up on the Dawn of Justice and the Twilight of Quasi Fairness! With Eric still on vacation, Chris and Dimitri discuss the Saw franchise before engaging into an in-depth review of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition: Too Many Colons (2016). Also, Chris talks about his driving habits, and Dimitri offers proof of his terrible podcasting skills. Come back next time as we review Paul Feig’s infamous Ghostbusters (2016) remake.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 03:21     Show and Tell: The Slashfilmcast
  • 06:52     James Wan and Leigh Whannell Will Produce Saw 8
  • 14:29     Batman V Superman the Ultimate Edition
  • 28:59     Questions Recap
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Author: Chris Duncan
Podcaster / Guest Contributor With a sordid past involving illustrations, libraries, and subtitles, Chris has reinvented himself as a specialist in the liberal insertion of puns. Like anyone working with words, he hides an embarrassing novel in his drawer but not in his drawers.