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The Possession (2012)

The Possession lost me even before its first shot with a caption that reads, “The events depicted in this film are based on a true…

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The Apparition (2012)

I usually try to avoid trailers before seeing a movie for fear that they might spoil important plot details or gear my expectations the wrong…

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The Awakening (2011)

I have found that people who say they don’t like scary movies often mean they don’t like slashers. Born of the exploitation fad in the…

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The Box (2009)

Based on the short story “Button, Button” by Richard Matheson, or rather the famous Twilight Zone episode adapted from it, Richard Kelly’s The Box presents…

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Paranormal Activity (2007)

I don’t understand the success of Paranormal Activity, which has officially replaced the Saw flicks as the Halloween franchise to beat. Admittedly, it’s turned out…

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Hellraiser Retrospective

With a The Scarlet Gospels finally out, I thought now would be a good time to revisit a franchise that’s gone through every permutation imaginable, switching from British

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Hostel Part III (2011)

Though I’ve never been a fan of the horror subgenre dubbed “torture porn”, I often find myself defending Eli Roth’s Hostel (2005) and Hostel Part…

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The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

As a proud horror fan, I’ve been less than enthused at the prospect of a scary movie produced, co-written, and, for all intents and purposes,…

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The Moth Diaries (2012)

Already, before her film has even come out, a number of gore hounds, guys in particular, have accused Mary Harron of further diluting the vampire…

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Silent House (2012)

Given its success overseas, I suppose it was only a matter of time before Hollywood popped out a remake of La Casa Muda (2010), also…

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