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With crowd sourcing quickly becoming the preferred way to fund independent projects without interference from shady corporate entities, more and more filmmakers are relying on Kickstarter to help bring their artistic vision to the screen. It comes as no surprise then that a formula would emerge as to the content and structure of campaign videos, making the process of piquing the public’s interest while outlining the details of a project somewhat predictable. I mention this as a statement of fact, not a criticism, though I must admit that pitches like the one for To the Spark always come as a breath of fresh air.

If you couldn’t tell from this clever Kickstarter advert, To the Spark will be an independent horror-comedy, set for a 2015 release. It’ll use the ever popular “found footage” conceit, with Shirleyann Kaladjian and writer-director Alex Webb starring as a psychotic couple who accept to be interviewed by their stagnating neighbour, Kyle, as part of a film project for community college. Before long, they suck the unsuspecting student into their twisted, deadly universe like a moth to a flame.

“I was going for a Kickstarter campaign pitch that echoes the offbeat, darkly comic nature of the feature”, Alex Webb comments. “We’ve all seen the sincere, sometimes awkward video pitches; I wanted to have fun and surprise the viewer. Instead of telling you about the film, I hoped to show you.”

Webb has been working on this movie for three years and now invites you to take part in his dream. The objective of his Kickstarter campaign is set at $25,000, with the deadline of 7 June 2014. If you would like to contribute to the production of To the Flame or find out more about the project and its pledge rewards, you can visit the film’s official Kickstarter page by clicking here or, if you’re from some new brand of weird Web-surfing Luddites, by copying the following URL into your browser’s address bar: http//

To the Flame may not be the world’s first iPhone dating app for pets, but, dang it, it’s worth a look!

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