Top Three: Awful TV Spin-Offs

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© Copyright Paramount Pictures

© Copyright Paramount Pictures

Part two of our discussion on spin-offs! In this episode, Nick and Dimitri talk about the cash grab nature of spin-offs. Then they each list their top three awful television spin-offs before rambling randomly about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Crystal Skull (2008). Be sure to check out part one of our conversation, in which we list the best spin-offs on television. Come back next time as we discuss the best and worst events of 2011 in the realm of entertainment.

  • 00:00     Cash-Grab Introduction
  • 02:01     America’s Funniest People
  • 05:33     NCIS: Los Angeles
  • 08:32     Time of Your Life
  • 13:09     The Roepers
  • 15:50     The Colbert Report
  • 19:14     The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
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