Top Three: Best of 2014

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© Copyright Home Box Office

© Copyright Home Box Office

Part two of our farewell to 2014! To end the year, Pamela and Dimitri each list their top three picks for best moments of 2014 in the realm of entertainment. Also, Dimitri questions the pertinence of Angelina Jolie’s knockers. For a discussion of the worst moments of the year, check out part one of our conversation. Come back next time as we discuss guilty pleasures.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:18     Kim Kardashian’s Ass
  • 07:21     Major Improvements on Agents of SHIELD
  • 10:25     Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show
  • 12:54     Last Week Tonight
  • 17:04     Angelina Jolie Bearing It about Her Breasts
  • 25:56     The Bucket Challenge
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