Top Three: Books Adapted into Movies

© Copyright 20th Century Fox
© Copyright 20th Century Fox

Guest panelist Eric Leroux returns! While Nick rests up a bit, Eric and Dimitri celebrate our upcoming national reading week by each listing their top three favourite novels adapted to the silver screen. Tune in next week as Nick comes back to discuss misleading titles. Come back next time as we discuss misleading titles.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:53     What Makes a Good Adaptation
  • 03:07     John Carter: Princess of Mars
  • 08:46     I Am Legend
  • 11:11     Cold Mountain
  • 16:11     Life of Pi
  • 19:39     The Quiet American
  • 21:19     The Joy Luck Club
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Author: Eric Leroux
Podcaster / Guest Contributor Dedicated high school teacher by day and halfhearted salsa student by night, Eric has extensive comic book knowledge and an affinity for convoluted puns. He also quotes French films in their original language, but don't be too hard on him.