Top Three: Underrated Movies from the Aughts

© Copyright Miramax Films
© Copyright Miramax Films

The second part of our look back at the aughts! In this episode, Eric and Dimitri list some of their favourite underrated movies of the decade, including The Lookout (2007), Blessing Bell (2002), and A Prophet (2009). Come back next time as we discuss data storage formats.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:02     Why Pirating Is Bad
  • 01:59     Brick
  • 04:12     The Brothers Bloom
  • 07:39     The Lookout
  • 10:42     Sunshine
  • 12:29     The Dancer Upstairs
  • 14:22     The Secret
  • 16:25     Foreign Language Pick: Captain Alatriste
  • 17:18     Foreign Language Pick: Blessing Bell
  • 18::16     Foreign Language Pick: A Prophet
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Author: Eric Leroux
Podcaster / Guest Contributor Dedicated high school teacher by day and halfhearted salsa student by night, Eric has extensive comic book knowledge and an affinity for convoluted puns. He also quotes French films in their original language, but don't be too hard on him.