Top Three: Worst of 2013

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© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

Part one of our lengthy conversation on the year 2013! In preparation for the New Year, Nick and Dimitri each list their top three worst moments of 2013, touching on video game copyright policies, ill-conceived Kickstarter campaigns, Christmas shopping, and online sexism. Make sure to check out part two of our conversation next time when we list our top three favourite moments of the year.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:06     Child in Car Chase after Playing Grand Theft Auto V
  • 04:57     Agents of SHIELD
  • 09:19     YouTube Automatically Redirecting Monetisation
  • 14:23     Robocop Kickstarter
  • 17:45     Black Friday Shopping
  • 21:50     Two Souls Scandal
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