Top Three: Worst of 2014

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© Copyright Sony Pictures

© Copyright Sony Pictures

Longest episode ever! In part one of our New Year special, Pamela and Dimitri each list their top three picks for worst moments of 2014 in entertainment. Get ready for some major discomfort, and be sure to come back next time as we get some puppies and sunshine in the joint to discuss the best moments of the year.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:49     Loss of Robin Williams
  • 08:30     Gamergate
  • 21:46     Fappening
  • 28:49     Donald Sterling Caught on Tape
  • 31:15     Sony Leak
  • 37:06     Allegations against Bill Cosby
  • 43:17     Why Lena Dunham Should Be Denounced
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