DE Podcast: A brief History of Gore Part III

© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures
© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

A quick look at the scary movies of the last two decades! Kazim, Dennis, and Dimitri conclude our Halloween special with a discussion of Scream (1996) and all its rip-offs, twist endings, so-called serious actors in horror flicks, as well as nihilist torture porn. Also, they conceive two sequels to 1999’s The Sixth Sense. Check out parts one and two of our conversation, and come back next time as we discuss teen entertainment.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:26     The Savvy Slasher
  • 06:56     What a Twist!
  • 09:48     Holier-than-Thou Thrillers
  • 16:12     Torture Porn
  • 23:51     Electric Boogaloo Factory: The Sixth Sense – The Smell of Fear
  • 25:15     Electric Boogaloo Factory: The Sixth Sense II – Electric Boogaloo

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