DE Podcast: A Brief History of Gore – Slashers

© Copyright Falcon International Productions
© Copyright Falcon International Productions

A Halloween special seven days late! Pam hasn’t yet returned from vacation, so Nick, Dennis, and Dimitri turn their Halloween get-together into an impromptu podcasting session, resuming a project started over five years ago. Yes, we realise Halloween was last week, but that’s when they recorded, okay? Also, please forgive Dimitri’s slurring. When he drinks, enunciation tends to be the first thing to go. Come back next time as we discuss teen entertainment.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:39     Show and Tell: Black Christmas
  • 01:49     Show and Tell: Masterchef
  • 02:43     Show and Tell: Warlock – The Armageddon
  • 04:50     The Slasher Defined
  • 10:32     The Slasher Is Born
  • 15:46     The Slasher as a Fable
  • 19:27     The Slasher in the Nineties
  • 27:06     The Slasher in the Aughts
  • 34:00     The Slasher and Politics

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