DE Podcast: COH PSA

© Copyright NCsoft
© Copyright NCsoft

Save the heroes! In an effort to thwart the shutdown of Paragon Studios, Nicolas shares his fondest memories of City of Heroes, which is set to end November 30, and discusses the best way to keep his favourite online game alive. Meanwhile, Dimitri pretends to care. Please note that this special one-off episode is aimed at current and aspiring gamers only. We will be back next time with our regularly scheduled inanities as we make our Oscar predictions.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 02:32     What Is City of Heroes
  • 05:05     The Community
  • 10:53     Tall Tales
  • 13:56     The Shutdown
  • 16:45     How to Save the Game
  • 21:19     What Fans Can Hope For

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