DE Podcast: First Aid and Other Hilarities

© Copyright Home Box Office
© Copyright Home Box Office

Worst episode ever! Eric, Nick, and Dimitri mock Chris as he searches for adhesive bandages in a vain attempt not to bleed to death. Also stay tuned for four underrated comedies and the return of the Electric Boogaloo Factory. Come back next time as we discuss violence in entertainment.

  • 00:00     Worst Podcast Ever
  • 01:30     What Makes a Good Comedy
  • 10:03     Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • 11:16     Scrubs: Med School
  • 12:54     Dodgeball
  • 15:18     Ghost Town
  • 17:37     Electric Boogaloo Factory: Dead Fockers
  • 19:19     Electric Boogaloo Factory: American Clam and American Corn Dog

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Author: Frank Pominville
Podcaster / Guest Contributor: Known as the Funky Chicken, Frank has been on the Internet since 1996. When he isn't rambling on our podcast, the cyber-librarian tames electrons for his municipal book repository. He is brought to you by the letter Q and the number three.