DE Podcast: Teens Young and Old

© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures
© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

Bridging the gap between young and previously young! As a companion piece to our “Top Three Awful Lessons in Teen Entertainment”, Nick, Dennis, and Dimitri discuss teen entertainment old and new. Please let us know in the comments below if you like such freestyle conversations and would like to hear more! Then come back next time for our final episode!

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:31     Show and Tell: 10 Things I Hate about You
  • 02:03     Show and Tell: The Breakfast Club
  • 03:36     Show and Tell: Pump Up the Volume
  • 04:49     What Defines a Teen Movie
  • 07:39     The Previously Young
  • 15:21     The Currently Young
  • 24:53     Old Versus New

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