DE Podcast: Tim versus Timm

© Copyright Warner Bros. Pictures
© Copyright Warner Bros. Pictures

Guest panelist P-O joins Kazim and Dimitri for a three-part series on Batman at the movies! In this first chapter, they review the two Tim Burton films, talk about the Bruce Timm animated series, and try to conceive a direct sequel to the 1992 goth epic Batman Returns. Come back next time as we discuss Joel Schumacher’s contribution to the Batman myth.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 03:12     Batman (1989)
  • 09:14     Batman Returns
  • 16:05     Batman: The Animated Series
  • 21:13     Electric Boogaloo Factory: Batman Descent
  • 23:29     Electric Boogaloo Factory: Seed of Batman

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Author: Eric Leroux
Podcaster / Guest Contributor: Dedicated high school teacher by day and halfhearted salsa student by night, Eric has extensive comic book knowledge and an affinity for convoluted puns. He also quotes French films in their original language, but don't be too hard on him.