Expository Dialogue: Marvel Versus DC on the Tube

© Copyright DC Comics
© Copyright DC Comics

In light of ABC’s Agents of SHIELD breaking new ground in terms of synergy and the CW’s Arrow setting up a Flash spinoff, Frank, Chris, and Dimitri take a look at Marvel and DC’s respective strategies in regard to adapting their super-hero properties to the small screen. Also, Dimitri defends Bat Affleck against the evils of misinformation. Come back next time for some Halloween-themed news.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:42     Marvel Television Spinoffs
  • 07:44     The Challenge of Adapting Wonder Woman
  • 09:39     Bat-Affleck
  • 14:29     Cannon Versus Story
  • 21:43     Movies Versus Television
  • 25:45     Introducing the Flash

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