Expository Dialogue: Pixar Delays, Spinoffs, and Expended Grammer

© Copyright Bloomsbury Publishing
© Copyright Bloomsbury Publishing

Phil couldn’t make it this week, so Frank and Chris join Dimitri to ramble about Bob Peterson’s firing from The Good Dinosaur (2015), JK Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel, AMC’s Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead spinoffs, and Kelsey Grammer’s inclusion in the cast of The Expendables 3 (2014). Come back next time as Chris and Frank return to debate Marvel and DC’s respective strategies regarding television.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:36     Bob Peterson Is Fired from The Good Dinosaur
  • 09:15     JK Rowling Writes a Harry Potter Prequel
  • 18:45     AMC Develops Spinoffs of Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead
  • 24:11     Kelsey Grammer Joins the cast of The Expendables 3

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