Roundtable 13: Castlevania Versus Grown-Up Animation


The glory of bloody cartoons! With Chris unavailable, Frank, Eric, and Dimitri discuss the latest news in entertainment, including a fourth entry in the Men in Black franchise, a new Stephen King TV adaptation, and an animated show based on Castlevania. Also, Frank and Dimitri digress about a Punisher fan film, adult cartoons, and Japanese anime, while Eric shares some of his fan fiction. Come back next time as we discuss the Alien franchise.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:44     News: The Men in Black Will Return Without Will Smith
  • 07:56     News: Stephen King’s The Mist Gets a Television Series
  • 15:24     News: Castlevania Gets an Animated Series
  • 21:36     About Cartoons Made for Adults
  • 28:30     Eric’s Recommendation: Saga
  • 30:19     Dimitri’s Recommendation: Ranma ½

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Author: Nick Ouellette
Podcaster / Guest Contributor: Nicolas or, as his friends like to call him, Dr Nick has a PhD in physics as well as an unhealthy obsession with video games. He won the 2006 Nininger Award for his work in astrophysics and hates vegetarians as a general rule.