Roundtable 2: The Success of Jurassic World


It’s nostalgia galore! In this episode, Chris, Frank, Eric, and Dimitri debate the upcoming X-Files revival and the new continuity established by Halloween Returns (2016) before engaging in an in-depth discussion of Jurassic World (2015) breaking box office records. Also, Dimitri digresses about Joss Whedon, and Eric recommends a fantastic TV series without ever mentioning its title. Come back next time as we discuss aborted movie franchises.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:58     News: Doggett and Reyes Return to The X-Files
  • 13:08     News: Halloween Returns Will Ignore Most of the Series
  • 20:11     The Success of Jurassic World
  • 33:51     Eric’s Recommendation: Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • 35:27     Chris’ Recommendation: It Follows

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Author: Frank Pominville
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