Roundtable 5: Hollywood Versus the Gaming Market


Adaptations galore! In this episode, Chris, Frank, Eric, and Dimitri express absolute bemusement at the news of an Emoji movie, a Baywatch revival flick, and an adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Then, they digress about video games and their failed Hollywood adaptations. Also, Frank and Dimitri recommend two current television series, and Eric shuts out his students for living in the twenty-first century. Come back next time as we look back at Marvel Phase Two.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:52     News: Sony Wins the Bidding War for Emoji the Movie
  • 07:54     News: Seth Gordon Directs Baywatch the Movie
  • 13:16     News: Gil Kenan Directs Five Nights at Freddy’s the Movie
  • 20:00     Hollywood Versus the Gaming Market
  • 32:35     Frank’s Recommendation: Person of Interest
  • 36:44     Dimitri’s Recommendation: Scream the TV Series

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Author: Frank Pominville
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