Roundtable 72: Because the Inhumans Suck

As long as Black Bolt doesn’t talk back! In this episode, Chris and Dimitri share their thoughts on Kevin Bacon’s upcoming Tremors revival before listing all the reasons the X-Men are unlikely to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also, Chris shares his thoughts on The Legend of Tarzan (2016); Dimitri proposes an Elmore Leonard double feature; and, of course, they both agree that the Inhumans suck. Come back next time as we discuss the latest entertainment news.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:34     Show and Tell: The Legend of Tarzan
  • 05:34     Show and Tell: Jackie Brown
  • 08:33     Show and Tell: Out of Sight
  • 11:21     News: Kevin Bacon’s Tremors Revival Series Moves to Amazon
  • 19:04     Mail Bag: Will the X-Men Ever Join the MCU?

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Author: Frank Pominville
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