Roundtable 8: In Defense of Fantastic Four


The only hate-free review of Fantastic Four (2015) on the Internet! While Eric and Frank enjoy their vacation time, Chris and Dimitri discuss the latest movie news, including the animated sequel to Troll (1986) and its shameless cash grab of a title, the upcoming follow-up to Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), and the Vin Diesel’s excitement about another Fast and Furious instalment. Then, they do what no man or woman on the World Wide Web has done before: point out the things that work in Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Come back next time as we discuss HBO’s latest (and unprecedented) acquisition.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 00:39     News: Patricia Arquette Joins Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter
  • 04:43     News: The Sequel to Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters Has a Director
  • 11:58     News: Vin Diesel Won’t Stop Yammering about Fast and Furious 8
  • 15:00     Why Fantastic Four Isn’t the Worst Movie Ever Made
  • 31:07     Dimitri’s Recommendation: X-Men Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut

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Author: Frank Pominville
Podcaster / Guest Contributor: Known as the Funky Chicken, Frank has been on the Internet since 1996. When he isn't rambling on our podcast, the cyber-librarian tames electrons for his municipal book repository. He is brought to you by the letter Q and the number three.