The Super-Hero Tabloid Answers Mail!

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Following the publication of our shocking exposé on the Xavier Institute’s secret sex ring, our offices have been inundated with correspondence from both avid truth seekers and pro-establishment conspirators trying to suppress the truth. If it seems like, in fact, we’re merely padding our letters column with snarky replies to e-mail spam, it’s not because we’re grossly misrepresenting our presence in the cultural zeitgeist. Rather, it serves as proof that our so-called heroes have teamed up with the likes of Mysterio and Mastermind to warp your perception of reality!


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Don’t contradict with some jealousy at not being supposed a good walker. “Oh, yes, he did not seem to want to be near enough for conversation. From the moment of this girl’s birth, child, I should like to join you very much, I am very fond of a long walk.” I intend to be her friend. I intend to be her godmother.

Todd Delfuente

We can’t say we’ve ever been all that curious where people get their medicine, but thank you for the information. We should however point out that we don’t consider man’s care an affliction or a disorder. As we uncovered in our very first scoop, the Dark Knight would not approve of the homophobic implications, and he’s been known to hold a grudge! As for your final paragraph, we’re not sure unsettling potential customers with surrealist prose is the best sales strategy, but don’t you give up on your dream to become that girl’s friendly godmother, Todd.


© Copyright DC Comics

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Thanks for writing. When we read your first line, we thought this was a petition, and we couldn’t figure out why anyone would oppose the durability of a Rolex. Also, we don’t fully understand how “perfectly accurate” can constitute less than one hundred percent or how ninety-eight percent can be considered “all proper markings”. Did Superman do your math for you? At any rate, here’s what we really want to know: why would your walking around with an expensive purse make us want to buy a watch from you?


© Copyright DC Comics


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Unfortunately, no article about the Euro currency is planned at this time, Profit. Though we can tell your enthusiasm, what with the uppercase letters and exclamation points, we’re just not sure how we feel about readers giving us homework. Besides, as we understand it, Superman only accepts American dollars, so, if you haven’t paid him your protection dues yet, we strongly advise you convert whatever funds you have available now!


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Depressed dreams and nightmares, Louisa was now recovering apace. Her mother could even think of her. The Wallises, she had amusement in understanding them. Lady Dalrymple, I had the return of day, noon, after noon, evening, being able to join their party at home, before her brothers and sisters, when the boys played in the churchyard, and I watched them.

Lloyd Deans

It’s funny you should mention this, Lloyd, because Todd was just telling us the exact same thing. That’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it? Anyway, We’re glad to hear Louisa is doing better. She was terrific in Jane Austen’s Persuasion, though we must confess that we’ve always found Pride and Prejudice to have a bit more edge to it.


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Barry Burns


© Copyright Marvel Comics

Barry, we’re afraid we can’t accept any proposal until somebody explains to us just what an organic ranking is meant to be. Is it a measurement of the living tissue on our online magazine (we’re pretty sure that amounts to zero), or is it a genetically-engineered abomination born of the fusion of ranking DNA with armadillo stem cells, the product of science gone mad and boundless human arrogance? Come to think of it, is anyone regulating the organic quality of your rankings? For all we know, you could be growing your organic rankings in the same fields as your regular rankings, using the same chemical products, and then slapping an “organic” label on the package to sell them at twice the price. As Aunt May can attest, when you don’t know what it is, you’re better off not touching the thing!


© Copyright DC Comics & Marvel Comics

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Neal Stone

You can’t fool us, Neal. You may have used a different e-mail account, a different name, and a different font (the original e-mail was in Calibri), but we know you’re really Barry… Or maybe Barry is really you. Never mind. The point is that you guys offer the same service and have the exact same address, and if you’re not the same person, you really need to coordinate better. Besides, “No” means “No”, Neal… Or Barry… Or Superman.


© Copyright Marvel Comics

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Emil Strong

There are just so many things wrong with this e-mail. Let’s start with the infuriating notion that universities are about “a few letters behind your name”. The purpose of any school is to educate, to provide skills and knowledge for future endeavours. If you don’t show up for any of the classes, you don’t get the know-how associated with the degree. Now, we know what you’re thinking: the plan isn’t to go back to school. What Emil Strong is offering is a chance to acquire a diploma without the hassles of courses, books, and that pesky thing called learning. Well, we know of another place where you can get a degree without following any academic curriculum: the Xavier Institute. You can see how that worked out for Iceman.


© Copyright Marvel Comics

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Alexandria Travis

First of all, lacking a degree and being unable to find time are not ideas (let alone a single one), no matter how many upper case letters you use in your e-mail. Second, it’s “the person who has a degree”, not “the person that has a degree”. Somehow, we “do not you think” you would be making these mistakes if you’d gone to school. Also, a diploma is just a piece of paper the same way an Olympic gold medal is just a metallic disk attached to a rope. You can buy all the phoney awards in the world. It won’t change the fact you don’t have the training they represent. Take the narrator of The X-Men #2, for example. He got himself a very convincing narration degree from a fake university, but he still got fired after just a few panels because he couldn’t do the job. It turns out Colours 101 is a more useful course than he expected.


© Copyright Marvel Comics
© Copyright Marvel Comics

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Emil Colon

STOP YELLING AT US. WE DON’T RESPOND TO THESE KINDS OF PRESSURE TECHNIQUES. Forget the absurdity of getting a college degree without “tests, classes, books, or examinations”. This is the part that absolutely flabbergasts us: “Confidentiality assured!” If you were buying yourself a diploma to flaunt in front of potential employers, why in the world would you want it to be confidential? It makes no sense! It’s the kind of harebrained, contradictory scheme we’d expect from a low-rent super-criminal like Mesmero!

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