Top Three: Awful Data-Storage Formats

© Copyright Touchstone Pictures
© Copyright Touchstone Pictures

The longest prologue conversation ever! In this episode, Nick and Dimitri react to the recent news that major record labels such as Sony, EMI, and Universal have decided to drop the CD format, planning to stop production and switch fully to an online distribution model by the end of 2012. The announcement inspires a rather technical conversation as our hosts share their thoughts on current distribution technologies for songs, computer games, and movies. Then the panelists each reveal their top three data-storage formats with which they want nothing to do. Come back next time as we discuss behaviours only found in fiction.

  • 00:00     Our Reaction to Major Labels Dropping the CD Format
  • 04:06     Potential Alternatives to the CD
  • 10:44     Drawbacks of the CD
  • 13:39     Data Formats for Movies
  • 20:35     DVD Versus Bluray
  • 25:02     The Tablet
  • 28:06     The Computer Cassette
  • 29:10     The Laser Disk
  • 29:53     The Zip Drive
  • 30:53     The Palm of My Hand
  • 32:18     The Micro Film

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