Top Three: Awful Lessons in Teen Entertainment

© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures
© Copyright Buena Vista Pictures

Celebrating Hollywood’s twisted morality and its impact on our children! Guest panelist Dennis P. joins Nick and Dimitri as they each list the top three worst lessons they learnt watching teen movies or TV shows. Also, Dimitri pounces on Save the Last Dance (2001) for no reason whatsoever. Come back next time as Eric returns to discuss our favourite fictional teachers.

  • 00:00     Dimitri’s Parental Switch
  • 03:34     “Money Alone Can Raise Your Kids” from Laguna Beach
  • 04:43     “Embarrass Yourself to Quell a Woman’s Scorn” from 10 Things I Hate about You
  • 07:35     “Rich White Girls Have It Harder Than Poor Black Men” from Save the Last Dance
  • 08:34     “Crying Like a Bitch Will Bring You Love” from Dawson’s Creek
  • 11:14     “Getting Laid Is You Highest Priority in Life” from American Pie
  • 13:59     “Let Your Boyfriend Abuse You to Become Popular” from She’s All That
  • 14:42     “Pretending to Be a Vampire Will Get You Laid” from Twilight
  • 17:55     “Attempted Murder by Boat Is Not Prosecutable by Law” from Dawson’s Creek
  • 19:41     “Dancing Is More Important Than Jews” from Swing Kids

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