Top Three: Behaviours Only Found in Fiction

© Copyright Miramax Films
© Copyright Miramax Films

Casual cinematic distortions of reality! Nick and Dimitri list their respective top three regular occurrences that can only be found on film or television. Be warned: not everyone makes it out unharmed! Come back next time as we discuss movies and TV shows we can’t believe are not on DVD.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:13     Show and Tell: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • 03:14     Show and Tell: The English Patient
  • 04:42     Crawling Through Clean Air Ducks
  • 07:17     Completing a DNA Test and Criminal Trial Within a Few Days
  • 09:26     Reading a Progress Bar While Hacking
  • 12:43     Sneaking Up on a Slasher Victim
  • 18:46     Pulling Off a Surprise Party
  • 21:50     Changing the Minds of High School Peers with a Makeover

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