Top Three: Best and Worst of 2012

© Copyright 20th Century Fox
© Copyright 20th Century Fox

Another last look at 2012! To celebrate the new year, Nicolas and Dimitri take a look back at the previous one, listing its best and worst moments in entertainment. For some reason, the word “rapist” comes up a couple of times. Come back next time as we discuss movies that caught us in the wrong mood.

  • 00:00     Introduction
  • 01:17     The Discovery Channel Lineup
  • 03:05     The Success of The Avengers
  • 05:49     The Fall Lineup on Network Television
  • 07:57     Daniel Tosh Threatening Rape as a Joke
  • 11:30     Hockey Strike
  • 14:27     Comics Fans Harassing Critics
  • 16:58     Nate Silver Schooling Major News Outlets
  • 20:39     The Success of The Hunger Games
  • 22:03     The Fox Coverage of the 2012 Elections
  • 23:50     Racist Athletes Getting Kicked Out of the Olympics
  • 26:34     Christine Ha Winning Masterchef
  • 31:27     George Lucas Selling LucasArt

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